1. SIP

A SIP is a self-guided inclusion assessment and planning tool for early childhood and child care services.

You can be reassured that with us ALL children are included, and differences are not ignored but respected BECAUSE that is the way we build feelings of trust,

safety, and wellbeing.

Our centres have successfully developed SIPs to ensure ALL children experience a sense of belonging. Our SIPs include short- and long-term strategies for

improving and embedding inclusive practice for the inclusion of ALL children with additional needs alongside their typically developing peers. You can access our

SIPs by contacting our service or simply visit us and we will provide you a copy of our current SIP.

2. RAP 

Our services are proud to have developed a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to strengthen relationships, respect, and opportunities in the classroom, around the

school and with the community. We have developed 14 Actions for reconciliation to show commitment in maintaining institutional integrity. We are committed to

teach and learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing and being to support the Framework’s five learning outcomes and ensure a maximum

standard of quality is achieved across all our services.

3. Our Inclusive Policies

Our Inclusive policies ensure that our centres are a safe place where ALL children and families can participate. All staff in our early learning service are aware of

policies that refer specifically to improving educational outcomes for ALL children.

Some of our inclusive policies are:




Family Law and Access Policy

Please contact our service for more information.

4. Physical Environment 

All our services are accessible for children with physical and other sensory motor disability. We work closely with our local IP (Inclusion Professionals) and when

necessary, we borrow specialist equipment from the Specialist Equipment Library SEL to support the inclusion and participation of all children at our services.