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Kirrawee Philosophy

We acknowledge the Dharawal people as the original custodians of this land on which we learn and play. We pay our respect to past, present and emerging elders. We value the rich knowledge and understanding of the land that we can gain from exploring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture in our everyday routines.

Kirrawee Child Care Centre aims to always be an inclusive and supportive environment for all children, families, educators and the broader community. We aim to be a home away from home for your children as you entrust them into our care, creating a safe, stable environment for them to learn, grow, and just be themselves. 

Our service

We value the outdoor environment and see it as an extension of our indoor classrooms. We value being able to leave our doors open and for the children to flow between the spaces as they see fit, rain or shine. We acknowledge the endless opportunities the outdoor environment offers us and try not to limit our time in it. We believe in looking after our community and regularly visit the park behind us and clean it up as we play. We create environments that are an extension of the home, to support belonging and stability for children. KCCC is a safe space, nurturing growth and development amongst children, families and educators.

You don’t just join Kirrawee Child Care Centre when you enrol, you join our KCCC family. We are a close community, and we love being able to share your families’ highs and lows with you. We value open communication between children, educators and families. We want the best outcomes for your child.

Our teachers

We are advocates for children and their rights and they are the number one reason we are here.  We work as a strong team, acknowledging each other’s strengths and interests. We support each other through the good times and the bad. We don’t limit opportunities for learning.  We don’t let ourselves be limited by our abilities or resources, we think outside the box about how we can be bigger and better.

We are all individuals, all passionate about early childhood education. We are genuine, caring and dedicated teachers.  We value professional development and taking the opportunity to develop our own knowledge. We aim to provide an understanding, supportive and professional environment to ensure that it is a safe space for children to thrive.

We acknowledge and view parents and families as a child’s first teacher and will always work in collaboration with them for the best outcomes for children. We want to develop relationships with families to learn from you and to strengthen your child’s sense of security.


Our children

We always want to see children reach their full potential. We believe in the Rights of the Child, particularly that all children have the right to an education and that all children have the right to be a child. We believe early childhood is a time to learn, explore and just ‘be’, so we organise our routines and days to allow plenty of time for long periods of uninterrupted play. 

Our program stems from the children’s interests, which we gather through conversations and observations, using their interests to guide their learning. We aim to challenge the children daily, to challenge their thinking and skills and take calculated risks. We encourage the children to look out for and care for each other, creating a deep sense of community stemming from our youngest right through to our eldest. 

We view each child as an individual and encourage them to be themselves. We want to equip the children with skills such as compassion, empathy and kindness so that they may leave KCCC as strong, confident individuals who deeply care for others and want to make a change in this world. We believe children are capable individuals with the ability to make decisions in their everyday routine.

Child Care Availability

We know it can be challenging finding the appropriate child care service with availability, so we make it a top priority communicating with you about our available positions. Simply click on the button below to complete the availability form and we will contact you within one business day to discuss your child care requirements.

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