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Our Philosophy

In Relation To Children

We aim to provide an inclusive play

environment where children will laugh and cry;

where they can explore and experiment; where

they can create and destroy; where they may

sometimes be bored and frustrated; where they

can feel free for self-expression; where they can

get support required to manage and overcome

difficulties; where they can engage in a range of

play and leisure experiences that allow them to

feel safe and relaxed, and to interact with

friends, practice social skills, solve problems, try

new experiences, and learn life skills.

We use Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to ensure

that children are supported beyond their basic

needs. We encourage and provide

opportunities for the children's growth and

development, so that they can realise their

maximum potential and become their best


Our educators strive to create a home

environment where children spend time

developing the knowledge and skills for


In Relation to Education

We acknowledge that each child is a unique

individual and is to be viewed, respected,

celebrated and treated as such. We acknowledge

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives

and work towards building sustainable

relationships. We view children as competent and

capable learners, with their own interests,

strengths and backgrounds. Educators

acknowledge approaches that are culturally and

linguistically relevant and are also responsive to

children's social, physical and intellectual

capabilities and based on this evidence curriculum

is developed. We uphold and nurture children's

right to play, as outlined in the UNCRC, recognising

it as a vital aspect of childhood. We believe that

children learn the best when you give them time,

space and freedom from strict rules and structure.

We aim to design playful, child-led curriculum

activities where they can play in the mud, make

slime, get messy, play pretend, have dance parties,

have picnics, laugh and joke, embrace their time

and make it magical while attending our services.

In Relation to Families

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of

the land on which our service operates, the

Dharawal people, and their language. We

acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torress Strait

Islander people in the community. We have

developed a RAP to continuously progress our

reconciliation commitments.

We value the importance of family and

encourage their involvement to understand and

build on children's funds of knowledge. All

families are welcome and are encouraged to

participate in our service where all feedback and

suggestions are valued and respected. Our

service supports families in their parenting role

and offers a collaborative approach to the

nurturing and education of the children.

We believe that without a sense of caring there

can't be no sense of community and for that

reason, we encourage each family to participate

in our OSHC community. Our open

communication and open-door policy invite

families to engage with the service while

maintaining confidentiality and respect for

privacy, which is paramount in fostering


In Relation to Our Team

Our team consists of group of people who trust and

inspire each other. We help each other to get

things done and to succeed beyond what we

thought possible. The responsibility of our

management team is not to come up with all great

ideas but to create an environment in which great

ideas can thrive. We work together to create a

warm and friendly atmosphere for all.

We are strong in terms of leadership succession.

We discover, cultivate, retain, and teach employees

to fill available leadership positions. We offer a

robust mentorship system to enhance staff training

and skill development. Our open-door policy for

staff instils in them the confidence and comfort to

approach the office and discuss any concerns.

We believe that the knowledge, multicultural

backgrounds and experience of all our educators

and staff members will enrich the quality and

diversity of our service.

Our educators understand that children’s play is a

serious learning and for that reason, they broad

their offerings to be responsive to children’s

interests. We offer an atmosphere where children

will be loved, respected and cared for; where they

will be seen and listened to; where they will be lots

of chances to make mistakes and encouragement

to try again; where they will learn in the wildest

possible way about others, and about the world.

In Relation to the Community

We believe that the cultivation of a happy and

enriched life is through the pursuit of enduring

relationships, and challenges that provide

development opportunities, as well as through

meaningful connections and contributions within

our community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait

Islander communities.

We celebrate differences and reinforce to build

understanding between people, to be respectful

and open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

perspectives, to strengthen cultural security and

work towards equality in opportunity.

We strive to be positive role models for the young

minds in our care by sharing our knowledge,

being generous to those in need, expressing

gratitude for what we have, and being accepting

of those who are different from us. Our educators

believe that instilling in children a sense of

responsibility towards their local and broader

communities will benefit them not just during

their time in our care, but for many years to


Child Care Availability

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