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Little Scientists early-STEM program 

The Little Scientists early-STEM professional development program offers hands-on,face-to-face workshops for early childhood educators and teachers. Each workshop topic focuses on a specific STEM topic and pedagogical principle.

The engaging play-based workshops are designed with you, the teacher in mind and previous STEM knowledge is not required. 

The program aims to develop confidence in facilitating STEM* learning and to empower those working with children aged 3-6 years to implement playful, inquiry-based experiences in educational programs.

At each workshop, you’ll be provided with comprehensive, quality resources and strategies you can use immediately.

NESA accreditation & EYLF

  • Little Scientists workshops are endorsed to provide NESA Registered Professional Development for teachers accredited at Proficiency Teacher level. Each workshop counts as 5 hours and 30 minutes of PD.

  • The workshop program provides teachers and educators with a variety of tools and educational concepts to meet a range of requirements of the NQF and the EYLF.

October 24th

October 24th



Experience air through touch, sound and movement. Discover that air is so much more than ‘nothing’ by making it perceptible to your senses. Uncover how communication, reflection and questioning enhance children’s ability to become confident life-long learners. 


Chemical Reactions

Discover chemistry in everyday life, handle ‘dangerous materials’, make a mess while experimenting with carbon dioxide and explore the properties of white substances.

Learn how children’s language development can be enhanced through STEM inquiry


Computer Science

Immerse yourself in the world of computer science and playfully explore algorithms, sequencing and sorting without using computers. Understand the basic concepts of computational thinking and learn how to unlock the world of computers for children.



Explore physical forces while leveraging, lifting, swinging and moving and unleash your inner engineer. Are you an inventor or do you like to immerse yourself into step-by-step instructions? Discover how to playfully integrate technical education into a nurturing learning environment


Human Body

Investigate your sense of smell, focus on your breath and explore exciting functions of the human body. See the human body through the eyes of a child and learn how to playfully include scientific models into your setting.



Watch the beauty of mathematics unfold in everyday patterns, shapes and structures and discover the potential of play for the development of mathematical skills. Discover mathematics in the everyday and explore your own relationship with maths.



Appreciate the magic of colour, mirrors and shadows through the eyes of a child. Discover the empowering effects of child-led inquiry projects in early childhood and become immersed in your own inquiry project.



Appreciate the magic of colour, mirrors and shadows through the eyes of a child. Discover the empowering effects of child-led inquiry projects in early childhood and become immersed in your own inquiry project.

In Service Training 

The Shire Child Care Services can provide cost-effective, in-service training for your staff. Train your team of educators for a full-day (Mon-Sat) or over two, split-evening sessions (Mon-Fri) in one of our STEM workshops.

Projects and Activities

All our centres at Shire Child Care Centres are keen to implement STEM regularly with children to enhance their learning. All our educators value the importance of STEM in our children’s daily life and believe how it is essential to implement STEM regularly to enhance the children’s learning and understanding of their surroundings such as earth and sky, human body, nature and animals and general physical science such as chemical reactions, engineering, and math. As much as we can, we do our best to cover different areas of STEM and relate them to their daily life and the use of their daily objects

Little Scientists STEM Computer Science Workshop

24th of Oct 2019

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