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Extra Curricular Activities

The Active After School Communities program is a national initiative that provides primary school-aged children with access to sport and other structured physical activity programs in the after school time slot of 3:00pm to 5:30pm.

The program aims to engage traditionally inactive children in sport and other structured physical activities, and through a positive and fun experience, develop a love of sport that inspires them to join a local sporting club. The program is currently offered to 190,000 children through 3270 schools and after school care centres across Australia. Some of the activities our students participate in include basketball, soccer, hockey, AFL, orienteering, gymnastics and aerobics.

AASC Outcome 1- Engage primary school children into structured physical activity:
Structured physical activity promotes a healthy active lifestyle and other many developmental benefits to a child. Many social skills are developed through playing in team sport activities including learning patience, teamwork and communication. Participating in sport also builds your child’s self esteem and gives them the confidence to take on new challenges throughout their lives.

ASSC Outcome 2- Provide opportunities for ongoing participation in organised sport:
Through the introduction of different types of sporting activities, your children can learn what sport they find most enjoyable. This then gives them an opportunity to further pursue their interests in joining a sports club of that particular sporting discipline. 

If there is a particular sport or activity you would like your child to experience, we encourage you to make a request.

Out of School Hours Care Centres:
Little League Baseball Game

Bonnet Bay


Teacher and Kids in Library

Oyster Bay


Decorating easter Eggs

St Catherine's

Gymea OSHC

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