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Meal Options & Nutrition

Our Vacation Care menus aim to complement the daily nutritional requirements of your child by providing a variety of nutritious meal options. Each meal time is a nurturing and positive experience whereby we encourage good manners, dining etiquette and personal care and hygiene. We attempt to cater for any special dietary needs, and if you have any concerns we encourage you to contact the Centre directly.

Breakfast: Vacation care provides a welcoming breakfast area each morning with a choice of Weet-Bix, Rice Bubbles, milk, toast, butter, jam and Vegemite. We also welcome children to bring in any other healthy breakfast items of their choice.

Lunch: Families are encouraged to provide a healthy lunch for their child each day. Occasionally, as a treat the Centre organises pizza, hot dogs and other fun lunch time meals. These days will be communicated to families when they enrol their child each vacation care period.

Morning and afternoon tea: A variety of nutritious snacks for morning tea and afternoon tea are provided and include fresh fruit and vegetable platter, cheese and biscuits, dips, yogurt and cut sandwiches.

Vacation Care Centres (Bonnet Bay BASC due to commence Vacation Care in 2019)
Little League Baseball Game

Bonnet Bay


Teacher and Kids in Library

Oyster Bay


Decorating easter Eggs

St Catherine's

Gymea BASC

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