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Daily Meals & Nutrition

Long Day Care Centres:

Ages 0-1 Click here to see sample menu

We know that your child’s health and nutrition is of absolute priority so we make it ours! Our educators in the baby rooms are experienced in safely preparing and handling your baby’s bottles. For baby’s that are on liquids, we ask parents to provide their own bottles and milk/formula each day. We follow your child’s bottle feeding routine and assist in transitioning them onto 3 meals a day when ready. 

When your child is ready to eat solids, we provide freshly made purees delivered daily from Kids Gourmet Food. As a standard practice we have a food chart that monitors your child’s food type and consumption. We also provide you with the option to have a communication book that includes more details of your child’s daily meals and nappy/toileting outcomes.

Ages 1-5 Click here to see sample menu

Our centers provide three freshly made meals each day that are catered for by Kids Gourmet Food. These include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. For parents that require their child to eat breakfast at the centre, we ask for them to provide their own cereal or toast and we will prepare the meal for your child. Milk is provided by the centre. If your child has any allergies or intolerances we also cater for this. 

Morning tea is a freshly prepared assortment of seasonal fruit and vegetables on a fun platter that the children really look forward to. We also provide a bakery item each day such as cheese and pumpkin scones and apple and spice pastizzi. Morning Tea is a progressive meal, which means we serve to small groups at a time, creating a nurturing environment where your child knows that mealtime is not a rush, but a process that they can rely on being a calm and enjoyable experience.

Lunchtime is very impressive, with nutritional and multi-cultural hot meals served each day. Some of these meals include beef goulash, vegetarian lasagna, pizza, apricot chicken, fish fingers and spaghetti bolognaise. We also develop your child’s self-help skills by encouraging your child to clear and scrape their own plate and wash their hands before and after mealtimes. 

Afternoon tea is a variety of nutritional snacks including veggie sticks and dip, yoghurt, cheese and crackers, sultanas, vegemite and cheese Tiger sandwiches and date and pear slice. 

If your child requires any specialty dietary requirements we encourage you to discuss this with us so we can cater to their specific needs.

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