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Your Child's First Day

Long Day Care Centres:

The introduction into long day care can be difficult for children and parents. We recognise that family needs will vary greatly in the orientation process and individual needs will be met as best as possible. Here are some helpful hints for parents on settling their child into care:

  • We encourage you to familiarise your child with the environment and the people in the environment by coming in for visits before commencing care. 

  • Provide a favourite toy, blanket or comforter to support your child when they are separating from you or settling to sleep. This can help your child feel more secure. 

  • If your child is unsettled, short visits with you will help your child to gain trust with an unfamiliar environment. These visits can be made on a day when your child is not booked to attend. 

  • Try to talk at home about child care. Mention the names of the Educators and other children. Talk about the things the child will be able to do at child care that are fun and enjoyable. 

  • When leaving your child it is best to make sure you say goodbye and then leave. Hesitating and not going after you have said your goodbyes, even if a child is upset, only confuses them. Reassure your child that everything is alright and you will return later, this can help them to settle.

  • It sometimes helps to establish a routine when leaving. For example, giving your child a cuddle and giving them to an Educator or sitting down with them for a short play or reading a book together, then leaving. 

  • At first some children protest strongly while others may take a day or two to realise that you are leaving them and begin to protest after several days. Children soon learn that you do return and in the meantime they are well cared for.

What to Bring (Ages 0-2 years):

  • A change of clothing that is weather appropriate 

  • A full-brimmed wide hat or legionnaire hat

  • A security item for rest time 

  • Sheet sets 

  • Nappies (x4 minimum) 

  • Drink bottle (water) 

What to Bring (Ages 2-6 years):

  • A change of clothing that is weather appropriate (younger children- especially those toilet training- will need extra changes)

  • A full-brimmed wide hat

  • A security item for rest time

  • Sheet sets

  • Nappies if required

  • Drink bottle (water)

We understand that trusting others with the care of your child is a big decision and can be an anxious time, so we encourage you to phone us throughout the day so you can be re-assured your child is settling in well. You will also be able to receive daily detailed updates of what activities and learning outcomes your child has achieved, as well as observational photos, viewable on our secure blog.

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