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Extra Curricular Activities

Long Day Care Centres:

At our long day care centers we implement a variety of extra-curricular activities that support the national Early Years Learning Framework. Some of these activities include interactive learning through music, sport, library visits and science activities.

The music program is implemented by Hey Dee Ho Music and includes music ranging from standard nursery rhymes to more contemporary songs such as those from The Wiggles and Hi 5. All activities are designed to stimulate childhood development. These include fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, turn taking (important in the development of social behaviour), spatial awareness, listening skills and more. Throughout the activities we also use "Auslan signing" sign language of the deaf, musical languages teaching children simple greetings and songs in other languages, "Sol fa" hand signs to promote tuneful singing, spatial awareness and other activities to stimulate childhood development. Dress-up days are also a part of this music program, encouraging participation and interest by associating music with children’s imagination and play.

Our sports program is implemented by Multi Sport and is designed to enhance a child’s coordination, teamwork, concentration, as well as teaching them the importance of good sportsmanship. The qualified coaches teach this through four key sports: basketball, rugby, soccer and netball, with different activities each week building on their skills in that discipline. This program is a gentle and fun introduction into sport that can improve your child’s self esteem and encourage them to participate in sport in the future, as they continue to grow and develop.

The Little Scientists are also a popular addition to our extra-curricular program, providing interactive sensory activities for the children. These safe activities are focused on your child’s auditory and sensory development and comprehension.

Our centers continue to develop extra-curricular activity programs to support the Early Years Learning Framework, providing your child every opportunity to continue to be a confident and engaging student, ready for the transition to school.

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